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WSET Level 1 Award in Wines : lessons and examination in Mandarin
The Level 1 Award is an entry level qualification providing a  straightforward introduction to wine. It is ideal for boosting the  confidence of those new to the wine or hospitality trade and is also a  great course for those consumers wanting to gain some basic wine knowledge. 

The course covers ; 

WSET 第一级葡萄酒认证 

WSET 第一级葡萄酒认证属于行业入门级别,您将掌握基本的葡萄酒及品酒知识。对于酒店 及酒类零售行业中缺乏经验新人和一线销售人员来说,WSET 第一级 课程是掌握基础品酒知 识,增强从业信心的理想选择。同时,对于希望了解葡萄酒品种知识,掌握食品与葡萄酒 搭配常识的消费者而言,这初级品酒师课程也是绝佳 的选择。 

WSET 初级葡萄酒品酒师认证课程将为您介绍以下知识: 

➢    an exploration of wine styles and quality levels 
➢    a food and wine pairing workshop 
➢    correct storage and service conditions 
➢    tutored tasting of local and imported wines 
➢    葡萄酒主要风格和质量鉴赏 
➢    食品与葡萄酒的搭配 
➢    葡萄酒的正确储存和侍酒常识 
➢    学习使用 WSET 系统方法品尝不同类型的葡萄酒 

   Course costs include WSET course study materials, use of Spiegelau tasting glasses, all the wines and examination fee.
 Taught either over 2 evenings or one single day, there is a 30 question, multiple choice examination at the end of the course. (lectures mainly in Mandarin supplemented by Englishtextbook and exam will be in Mandarin, unless students specify textbook and exam in English on enrollment)

Cost : $295.00 inc gst (includes workbook, all wines, exam) 

   学员费用已包含:WSET 葡萄酒课程教材、品尝使用的葡萄酒及酒杯、考试费用。 
 课程授课形式: 可选择在一天完成课程及考试,或者 2 天的傍晚课程(中文为主英文为辅授课,课本和考试可选择中文或英文,如果选择英文课本和英文考试需要注册时特别注明)。考试形式: 课程最后一天进行 30 道单选题的考试。

学费: $295.00 inc gst (包括教材、葡萄酒、考试费)

Venue : Jubilee Building (first floor), 545 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

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